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Applications has been working with MS Access since Version 1. On this page you will find helpful tips and techniques for working with it.       

Emailing from a Access 2013 Web Application

 In Access 2013 Microsoft has developed a new web application development environment based on SharePoint 2013.
One of the things you commonly want to do, and is missing from Web App's is a way to send a email. Applications has developed a way to accomplish this if you have the proper tools at your disposal.

• A SharePoint in-house server or Office 365 online account that is setup to host your Access web app.
• A created Access Web App that you can edit.
• A Microsoft SQL 2012 in-house server.
• A SQL database in your 2012 server to place the Stored Procedure.

Overview of the email system
• In the Web App we will add a table to store emails we wish to send. We will populate this table manually or with data macros as needed.
• We will setup an Access ‘Connection’ so that applications external of the web app can access its data.
• In the SQL server we will use the Server Objects \ Linked Server feature to connect to the Access data.
• We will write a TSQL Stored Procedure to access our Access email table, process outstanding emails, and use the standard msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail procedure to send our mail.
• Create a scheduled SQL Job to run the stored procedure.

For more details see our document "Email from Access 2013 Web App". It's available using these links:
As a word document: Email from Access 2013 Web App.docx
As a PDF document: Email from Access 2013 Web App.pdf
Or in the following ZIP file which has both documents and some TSQL scripts:
Email from Access 2013 Web App.ZIP