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General Help

Are your computer workstations not working correctly? Are you having hardware problems? Are there pop-ups or warnings from your Anti-Virus software? You might have a Virus, Trojan, or other malware.

We can help solve these types of problems.


We specialize in small office networks using Windows Peer-To-Peer and Windows Server. Even if you only have several computers, networking them can have great benefits. You can easily share printers, files, and internet connections. Centralized data and file storage enables you to perform regular backups. Inner office e-mail lets you distribute messages and text without leaving your desk.

Software selection

Looking for a software package to fit your needs? We can help you research, evaluate, and implement software from another vendor.

Hardware selection

Although our focus is software, with many years in the business we naturally know a bit about hardware. We can help you spec out systems that meets your current and future needs.

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